Minister of Music

Part-time (Salary: TBD)
Location: Christian Fellowship Chapel, Granite Falls, NC

Minister of Music Job Description:
The Minister of Music shall assist the Pastor and have responsibility for providing a music ministry that is spiritually grounded, focused and dynamic. The primary responsibility for the Ministry of Music for Christian Fellowship Chapel is to provide an opportunity for our music program to serve as a ministry and to lead the congregation into worship and oneness with God.


Core Qualifications:
Be a person of integrity. Be of committed Christian faith, genuine spiritually, a humble spirit. Undertake to support and encourage the activities of the church as a whole. Preferably hold a music education degree. Have a least two years of music ministry leadership experience. Have experience managing choirs and ensembles (vocal & Instrumental). Demonstrate past history in developing music ministry. Exhibit the traits of being: hard-working, self-motivating, a good organizer with effective communication and administrative skills. Be gifted with musical skills and abilities. Have a sense of God’s call to Music Ministry.
The Minister of Music oversees the following areas of ministry and assumes these duties:
Support the music program for the entire church Call to order church services at the appointed time. Ideally adapt the flow of church services to accommodate special events, including but not limited to mission presentations, baby dedications, baptisms, etc… Provide a blended worship experience. Schedule, plan, and coordinate special presentations such as, but not limited to, Christmas, Easter and other musical events that might be suitable for the overall enhancement of the music program and outreach of the church. Recruit, encourage, equip, and direct church musicians. Develop and lead worship teams as requested, both vocal and instrumental. Provide basic leadership and oversight to all volunteer and workers. Be directly accountable to the church at large through the pastor, and elders.


Mailing Address: Christian Fellowship Chapel PO Box 568 Granite Falls, NC 28630


Contact: Pastor Dan Greene 828-234-2383